Award for the year’s most innovative Enterprise project

During this year’s SMART Convention in Dresden, the team at Eurocommand GmbH was given the award for the most innovative project.



“About half a year ago, this partner sent me a rather cryptic sketch of a room.

In this room, some of our ineractive Kapp IQ Pro displays were to be used, as well as a complex video wall, together with the accompanying media control system.

After a short conversation about the scenario, the plan became clear.

A simple meeting room with media technology was to become a complex operational support center.

The necessary partners for realizing a project of this magnitude were quickly brought together.

Eurocommand contributed concentrated competence in the area of operational command software, the professionals at LCD Media brought the necessary know-how for complex media controls, and SMART contributed the required state-of-the-art interactive displays. All of this effort combined into the unique solution for the customer, Hamburg’s municipal police and fire departments. The customer’s expectations were fully met.

The initial delivery resulted in not just a “few” of our Kapp IQ Pro Systems – it ended up being 40 Kapp IQ Pros. From a simple sketch to a million-euro project...that’s how it should be.

Thanks to our partner Eurocommand, the most important political mega event in Germany this year (the G20 summit) will be led and managed by Hamburg’s police and fire department teams using our SMART products.

We thank Mr. Sascha Pomp from Eurocommand for his dedication in advancing our products in the area of public safety.

We give the SMART Award for this year’s most innovative Enterprise Project to the company Eurocommand.” 

Torben Mahler


Channel Sales Manager


Enterprise & Education

Thanks from SMART


thank you for your business. We value our partnership and look forward to working with you in the future. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Greg Estell

President, Solutions