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We asked 100 unit leaders from government agencies and organizations with public safety tasks which requirements they have for a modern, electronic operational support system. Their expectations are very clear.

To find out whether the results of our survey correspond to your own expectations and to give you an overview of how   the CommandX operational support system can help you, please click through the topics listed below:


Topic 1: Flexible system for every situation. From the command unit to operational headquarters.

The challenges in leading a complex operation are   centered on keeping an accurate and current overview of the situation. Even in complex and chaotic situations, an operation commander must concentrate on the core activity of leading the tactical units and making decisions. A supposedly small operation can quickly change into a chaotic situation requiring extensive forces.

That is why operation managers place value on having an operational assistant with electronic support in the command units or in the fire department control center from the very beginning. Later on, the logged data can be handed over to higher organizational levels, including technical command centers or the operational headquarters, via a single mouse click. That way these units can seamlessly carry on and everyone has the same information.

Topic 2: Transparent and understandable situation overview including professional maps.

Generating situation maps is essential to modern operation organization, since identifying spatial relations is key to making important decisions. CommandX‘s   situation map module offers multiple options for using geographic data to develop solutions. It is currently the only system featuring a bidirectional 65-bit interface to the geoinformation system ArcGIS and the Esri Portal (Geo data infrastructure).

Topic 3: Full-fledged registration system and incident log for court-submissible documentation.

Documenting existing situations, reported requirements, and deployment orders in a timely manner not only keeps the head of operations free for other tasks and supports the debriefing, but also serves to generate documentation that can be used in court. In case of a legal dispute, the head of operations can prove existing knowledge levels and initiated measures in court at any time.

Topic 4: Clear spatial organization via operation sections and staging areas.

Due to the size of an operation site, the extent of an operation, or the type of emergency response, it may become necessary to divide the operation site into sections. The faster the operation leader decides to create operation sections and staging areas, the easier it is to assign incoming units and areas of responsibility. The situation becomes increasingly complex with more units arriving at the scene. The CommandX module „Spatial Organization“ offers you a solution that is simple to operate, clearly structured, and transparent.

Topic 5: Coordinating units using understandable force management

A clear overview of currently active forces supports the operation leader in structuring an operation. Bottlenecks can be quickly recognized and eliminated by deploying more forces. The newly alerted forces arrive on the scene with a tactical symbol in the system, and can be directed to a specific operation section.

Topic 6: Easy to learn and intuitive to use

Users should immediately be able to orient themselves in the system without a long period of familiarization. That is why all modules in CommandX are clearly structured and easily manageable. The processes and functions are oriented on current service regulations and are equipped with a high level of useful functions. That makes the program easy and intuitive to use.

CommandX is visually clean and free of unnecessary and confusing gimmicks. All relevant information is visible at a glance. If necessary, individual modules can be moved to other monitors. There are no nested menus and no modules with confusing tables to be found in CommandX.

Topic 7: Fail-safe System

During an emergency situation, the system needs to be 100% dependable. Even if the connection is lost: CommandX doesn‘t lose anything. All clients continue working without a hitch. Data synchronization takes place once the connection is reestablished. Operations, units, status and location messages – nothing can ever get lost.

Topic 8: Open Interfaces

CommandX offers interfaces to all conventional control center systems, making data transfer child‘s play. That leaves time for the important tasks!

Topic 9: Modern and sustainable system

CommandX was developed on the newest Microsoft .Net framework/WPF as a pure 64-bit standard software. It is currently the most modern system on the market. Our 12-member team of developers deliberately decided against the restrictive nature of Java or a web-based application.

Topic 10: Professional development and uncomplicated support

The Eurocommand team is composed of experts who all have many years‘ worth of practical experience in leading operations on all hierarchichal levels. This knowledge continuously flows into developing CommandX and can clearly be recognized when using the program. Our service is fast, uncomplicated, and reliable. From the „chaos“ phase until the „final message“: Our quick-witted team provides practical support on all levels, from the procurement stage to the ongoing operation, and on to customer-specific modifications and developments.


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