Top 10 Reasons – Why CommandX?

Intuitively Usable

All modules are cleanly structured and feature a clear design. The processes and functions are oriented on the current service regulations and are equipped with a high level of useful functions. That makes the program simple and intuitive to use.

Clear Design

CommandX is visually clean and free of unnecessary and confusing gimmicks. All relevant information is visible at a glance. If necessary, individual modules can be moved to other monitors. There are no nested menus and no modules featuring confusing tables to be found in CommandX. .


CommandX was developed on the newest Microsoft .net framework/WPF as a pure 32-bit and 64-bit standard software. It is currently the most modern system on the market. Our team of developers deliberately decided against the restrictive nature of Java or a web-based application.


CommandX offers a dynamically built structure across all heirarchical levels. Simple documentation in the  command unit, coordination of units and spatial organization, patient registration in mass casualty incidents, processing of large areas, or an all-in-one solution for communication, documentation and interactive situation descriptions in complex cases – all of this is included. 

Unbeatable Price

Our „Startup“ package offers entry into professional electronic operational support for only 420 EUR. Our high-performance „Bundle4“ for up to 4 workstations is available for 825 EUR. 

Esri ArcGIS

Because of the complete integration of the ArcGIS Engine (for geo data infrastructure), CommandX is currently the only system with a bidirectional, 32-bit and 64-bit interface to the ArcGIS server and the Esri Portal

Open Interfaces

CommandX offers interfaces to all common control center systems. Thus, data transfer is made easy, leaving more time for the tasks at hand!


In CommandX, the current SDK by SMART Technologies for controlling the interactive systems is fully integrated. All known gestures can be used without additional software.


Even if the connection is lost: CommandX doesn‘t lose anything. All clients can continue working without a hitch. Data synchronization takes place once the connection is reestablished. Operations, units, status and location messages – nothing can ever get lost. 


The Eurocommand team is composed of experts who all have many years‘ worth of practical experience in leading operations on all hierarchichal levels. This knowledge continuously flows into developing CommandX and can clearly be recognized in using the program. You have a situation to get under control, and that requires professionality – from you and from us!