Factory Security

As a company with many years of experience in the security industry, we work for on-site fire departments that are tasked with ensuring fire prevention in large industrial companies.

For on-site fire departments, we develop crisis management and emergency communication concepts and analyze existing processes. In order to meet the requirements of both the businesses and the public fire departments, we train members of on-site fire departments in crisis management and emergency communication at our network‘s own academy. Furthermore, we accompany our customers during tainings and emergencies, and also develop support media that are specific to the existing environments. We also offer computer-based system solutions for cases of incident.

Your contact person

Carsten Weiske

Your contact person

Tel.: +49 ( 4101) /  8547 -  120

Fax: +49 ( 4101) /  8547 - 123 

 Mobile  : +49 ( 172) /   5160410 


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