Comprehensive Solutions

We offer a solution for every situation.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our versatile competencies allow for differentiated comprehensive solutions for crisis and emergency situations. They include delivery, installation, and implementation of our soft- or hardware, as well as personal consultation, training, and on-site support according to individual customer requirements.

We offer the following comprehensive solutions:


  • CommandX – the newest generation of interactive operational support systems for computer-based emergency communications in cases of incident (for the public and the industrial sectors)
  • Interfaces for direct data exchange between software and hardware systems, communication systems and command center systems
  • Telematics and GPS tracking systems
  • Drones and video technology
  • Software service and hotline service, combining remote access as well as on-site service
  • Consulting and installation of network and security solutions, as well as hardware procurement
  • GeoFES – The operational command system for government agencies and organizations with public safety tasks  

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Carsten Weiske

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