CommandX – all inclusive

The intuitively operable operational support software of the newest generation – CommandX.

Allow me to introduce my new command assistant

It is extremely simple to operate. Users do not need to install software on their clients – and they also do not have to rely on an unsafe Web-based program. CommandX can be installed simultaneously on a Windows-PC, on an Apple, or an Android smartphone. Additionally, one workplace can communicate with multiple instances locally or via a network connection. The modules can be spread out over multiple screens to develop individual tactical graphics.

CommandX looks good – clean and absolutely intuitive to use. That is due to the new WPF standard used by our developers. They deliberately decided against Java or a Web-based application. CommandX is a cross-platform solution.

The system runs on a separate, secure REST communications server including a fallback – hosted by Eurocommand or, upon request, on our customers‘ own servers. If the connection is lost, all clients can continue running locally. Data synchronization takes place once the connection is reestablished. Operations, units, status and position messages – nothing can get lost.

The CommandX user interface is so clearly arranged that no user can get lost. If a user has multiple screens, he can spread the modules out and has more room for viewing information. The undocked program sections automatically adjust to the available size on the monitors.

CommandX offers a dynamic setup across several levels, with all necessary information. A new operation section- a second staging area or resubordination? With CommandX, it is dynamically supported in just a few seconds, and includes mobilization orders for the affected units.

The situation map also runs on the communication server. With this set-up, multiple users can access it simultaneously – and the settings can be used to determine which users can edit the map. Everyone benefits from accurate map data: ArcGIS by Esri (geodata infrastructure) – including situation map films and diverse, multiple-layer analyses. Of course, CommandX has the complete palette of tactical symbols on board. And in case one is missing: the built-in symbol generator can create a new symbol in just five short steps.

Missions do not stop at borders – and neither does cooperation via CommandX. The sofware runs simultaneously in multiple languages.

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