Crisis and Emergency Management

With our competent experts in the area of industrial and public hazard prevention, we have specialized in managing crisis and emergency situations – before, during, and after occurrence. That a applies to all phases: From analysis, consultation, planning, development, and support up to 24/7 on-call service.

Together with our network partners Europe-wide, we train government agencies and organizations with security tasks as well as companies with critical infrastructure in the areas of crisis and emergency management. With our high-performance and competent network, our goal is to offer all services around the topics of crisis and emergency management, as well as crisis communication, on a high-quality and individual level.

We develop concepts for public and industrial hazard management and crisis communication, analyze existing processes, and develop environment-specific support media as well as computer-based system solutions to be used in case of an incident occurrence. Furthermore, we train and educate employees of companies as well as government agencies at our network‘s academy. We accompany our customers during drills and trainings as well as during actual emergencies.

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Carsten Weiske

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