GeoFES – Functions

Operational Administration

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  • Transfer operational command from the control center
  • Generate operation (resource acquisition)
  • Edit operational information, for example key word increase 
  • Administrate several operations
  • Update closed operations

Localizing the operational area

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  • Automatic import from the command center
  • Addresses / Intersections
  • Highways, stretches of water
  • Fire departments, train stations
  • Communal administrative units
  • User-defined


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  • Digital and geospacial location survey
  • Tabular information retrieval, for example emergency teams
  • Ensuring consistent map data and overview of units
  • Further information, including object diagrams and maps
  •  Incident log and archive
  • Integration and evaluation of web services
  • Provision of documents pertaining to the operational
  • Information distribution via email in real-time


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  • Data provision via keyword
  • Role-based checklists
  • Generation of dynamic checklists from analyses
  • Checklists according to standard operational procedure
  • Processing according to traffic light color codes
  • Generating a checklist during the operation

Situation Management

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  • Tactical symbols according to DV 102
  • Resource management simultaneously for multiple operations
  • Damage accounts
  • Sector management and automatic distribution of units
  • Communication overview
  • Damage areas

Areas of Analysis

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  • Model-based, including DISMA, MEMPLEX, Lasair
  • Geometric, including radii, background data
  • Predefined, including flood zones
  • Manually generated
  •  Imported (Esri formats)
  • Buffering of all areas


Drohnen und Videotechnik
  • Spatial data, for example pertaining to potential hazards including population, objects, and evacuation options. Example: population statistics

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