The Company

Our company is active in the security industry.

We develop concepts for public and industrial hazard management and emergency communication, analyze existing processes, and develop environment-specific support media as well as computer-based system solutions to be used in the event of an incident. Furthermore, we train and educate employees of companies as well as government agencies at our network‘s academy. We accompany our customers during drills as well as during actual emergencies.


With our competent experts in the areas of public and industrial hazard prevention, we have specialized in managing crisis situations – before, during, and after their occurrence. We concentrate on the following areas:

  • Public and private safety / hazard prevention,
  • crisis communication,
  • risk management,
  • emergency and crisis management
  • as well as business continuity management and
  • crew resource management

Including all phases: From analysis, consultation, planning, development, and support to 24/7 emergency assistance.

Together with our network partners, we offer European-wide integrated system solutions for crisis and emergency management to government agencies and organizations tasked with security enforcement, as well as to industrial partners with critical infrastructure.

Next to consultants and trainers in crisis management and communication, our interdisciplinary network consists of experts in law, fire prevention, medicine, chemical and biological hazard prevention, occupational safety, journalism, and software development. This pool is supplemented by educators and marketing specialists. In order to meet our customers‘ individual requirements, we put together a specially-tailored team of experts to complete the tasks at hand. Upon our customers‘ requests, the teams can be supplemented by other external experts.



With our efficient and competent network, our goal is to be the single source, high-quality provider of all   necessary services pertaining to industrial hazard prevention, crisis management and emergency communication for industrial customers with critical infrastructure.   

Thanks to our flexible experts, short decision-making paths, and a manageable overhead, we can realize small, medium, and large-sized projects on time and in a cost-efficient manner to our customers‘ fullest satisfaction. Furthermore, we have access to a broad network of acclaimed business partners.


Eurocommand GmbH is active throughout Europe, and is registered with the Office for Harmonisation of the EU-internal market.

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Sascha Pomp

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