No one in technical command centers or in a crisis staff has time to enter operational information and data from the command center by hand during an emergency situation when the operation is handed over. On the other hand, the command center can only alert more units upon the crisis staff‘s request if it receives the necessary information – promptly. Therefore, any operational software is only as strong as its interfaces.

CommandX naturally features various interfaces to the most important dispatch center solutions, including ELSCOMM, COMMSVR, and LARDIS.  Data from these systems can be easily transferred to CommandX, and then be played back to the command center system after editing – including the geo-data concerning the operation‘s location and vehicles.

This set-up applies to newly alerted units as well as the units that are already on call. The information is available immediately when crisis staff or technical command centers take over an operation and also later on, during a live operation. The active units‘ feedback is also transmitted to CommandX.


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