CIMgate.CONNECT provides a powerful API for connecting data and communication infrastructures to the CommandX platform. Using different agents, existing standard interfaces can be easily used or re-implemented. The data exchange takes place on the basis of Representational State Transfer (REST) via secure data connections. For further technical information or interface descriptions, please turn to your Eurocommand account manager.


Communications server (COMMSVC)

The communications server connects distributed CommandX databases. In this way, all information can
be exchanged between different stationary or mobile command stations. The data exchange takes place
here via a secure connection based on a REST interface. In the event of a connection interruption, the remote instances continue to operate autonomously and automatically reconcile the data with the central
server after the connection has been reestablished.



Using this REST interface, data can be exchanged between all standard intervention control systems and
the CommandX platform. The secure transmission of operational information can take place both unidirectionally and bidirectionally. In addition to the master data of the intervention, the planned resources, including the current status and location, can also be transferred via the interface. Likewise, feedback from the dispatch control system can be transferred to the reporting system or service journal of CommandX.



Connect Command X to the digital radio infrastructure via this interface. The connection can be made
either directly via a network connection or through other hardware from our partners via the interface at
the Tetra terminals. Using this connection, information such as the status and location of the units can be
transferred directly to CommandX and visualized in the force overview or the location map. Furthermore, messages can be sent and received via SDS to the units.


Telematics services (TELEMATICS)

The telematics service seamlessly integrates your mobile devices into the overall CommandX platform.
Benefit from the advantages of powerful fleet management including the transmission of messages
and orders. Via the connection of various sensors, for example CAN bus, it is possible to control and monitor
vehicles and stationary systems. The automated exchange of information can take place machine-to-machine (M2M) using all communication channels.


E-mail service (MAILSVC)

All e-mail communication is processed via this service provided centrally in the network. All common authentication and encryption methods are available for this purpose. Use e-mail functionality for inbound and outbound communication directly from the CommandX reporting system. Furthermore, the e-mail service allows multiple command points to be linked together. Here, for example, messages from the reporting system can be exchanged securely between several databases, even if they are not located in the same network.


Cloud Services (AZURE)

Different cloud services offer different ways of using CommandX in a decentralized manner. The use of cloud-based services can be scaled according to your wishes. A wide variety of scenarios can be mapped, from data storage use to the connection of third-party services, up to the partial or complete operation of CommandX directly from the cloud. Upon request, together with our partners, we can offer you certified data centers based in Germany.


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